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Want to Become a Better Cook? Start by Learning These Culinary Terms!

September 16, 2014 3:41 pm

When you encounter a recipe that’s full of complicated cooking terminology, it’s easy to feel intimidated. What if your chopping instead of dicing leads to a flop of a soufflé? These kitchen terms will teach you a few things about proper cooking techniques, and they’ll make you feel more confident about your next culinary endeavor.

  1. Beat. To beat a mix or batter is not the same thing as mixing it. Beating involves briskly whipping with a spoon, wire whisk rotary beater, or electric mixer, and it incorporates air into the ingredients in order to obtain a light, fluffy consistency.
  2. Blacken. Blackening a piece of meat or vegetables is a popular Cajun cooking technique that chars seasonings onto the food in order to give it a crunchy, spicy coating. This involves cooking over high heat in a heavy skillet.
  3. Fold. If a recipe calls for you to fold one ingredient into another, it means to combine them without decreasing their volume. Use a rubber spatula in vertical swipes across the mixture, pulling some of the mixture from the bottom to the top each time.
  4. Garnish. Once your dish is completed, you may garnish it by adding a decorative bit of fresh herbs, fruit or greens.

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Bluefin2: Enjoy Fresh Fish, Modern Flavors at This Local BYOB

September 9, 2014 2:02 pm

Bluefin2 takes traditional Japanese sushi techniques and updates them with a modern twist to produce fresh takes on Japanese food. For a fun appetizer at this Plymouth Meeting restaurant, some Yelp reviewers suggest ordering the tuna munchkins, which are balls of spicy tuna coated in panko and served on a slice of avocado. For an impressive sushi roll experience, try ordering the "kiss of fire" roll, which comes out to your table on a large flaming platter that is extinguished just before you bite into it.

No matter what you order, though, the restaurant will prepare it with high quality ingredients and will arrive at your table carefully and beautifully prepared. One final note: Bluefin2 is a BYOB, so you can bring along your favorite wine or beer to enjoy along with your meal.

Visit Bluefin2's website to find out more about this Plymouth Meeting eatery.

1017 Germantown Pike
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
(610) 272-2962

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September 5, 2014 3:13 pm

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